About the artist

Hungarian born artist. He currently lives and works in Bristol, UK.

Tamas Szikszay works in a figurative field. His style is fluent with semantic elements which are related to the age of late Impressionism, Cubism and Expressionism. He delivered his subjective style with a clear, easy and instinctive approach to the audience. The way Tamas layers out his brush stroke is smooth, expressive, sometimes anxious, but with a composition that does not misplace accuracy and watchfulness. Tamas canvases are managed in a way that shows his well-thought out technique. His mixture of techniques are involving dynamic and natural scenes in a frenetic way.

His compositions are accomplished with noticeable balance and you can see his attention to the detail. Tamas Szikszay absorbs the world and recreates it in an artistic way that seeks to capture his personal feelings and thoughts. Tamas's art is continuously in movement. His art creations are captured in imaginative thoughts within his peculiar world. The layout of colors,shapes and lines appear to be sometimes chaotic.

At the same time they are following their own path, like the natural flow of a river whith it's own road throught the land. These 'roads' are expressive -the red colour suggests passion and strong feelings, as blood vessel spirits and desires are conveyed in every corner of his world. In most of his work you can perceive escalation of a surreal atmosphere.

Marcello Cazzani Camaver Kunsthaus, Italy